AppMail replacing our built-in SMTP service

Earlier this week we launched AppMail which is an e-mail platform designed for developers like you. AppMail can handle all your incoming & outgoing e-mail and »

New pricing for applications

Since we launched, we've allowed applications to be deployed to our platform free of charge. Our free applications allow you to deploy applications with a single »

Restricting access to your applications

There are cases when you deploy an application to Viaduct which shouldn't be accessible to everyone over HTTP. You may want to restrict access based on »

PHP 7.0 now available

We're pleased to announce that PHP 7.0 is now available on the Viaduct platform. This platform is currently in a prerelease state which means that »

https:// for everyone

As a community, we're increasingly concerned about the amount of unencrypted traffic which is passing over the internet for all to see. Historically, website owners have »